Class Evaluation – Hue

In class we made swatches required to make a 12 hue colour wheel, using three primary colours, ( I chose ultramarine, cadmium yellow and cadmium red, which i thought where quite evenly spaced around the colour circle.) We then made the secondary colours my mixing the primary’s, Red and yellow to make orange, yellow and blue to make green and blue and red to make purple to produce the three secondary colours. We then mad the tertiary colours by mixing a colour halfway between a primary colour and a secondary colour, evidently creating a light and dark hue of the secondary colours.

At first i found the task embarrassingly complicated, as to what primary shades to use, light or dark such as ultramarine or cyan, lemon yellow or cadmium yellow, crimson or cadmium red, for my first attempt i experimented using, ultramarine, cad yellow and crimson when i probably should have used cad red, the secondary colours came out not as fresh, as crimson is a darker red thus making my other colour mixes slightly off.

On my second attempt i used cad yellow, cad red and ultramarine, my secondary colours come out much more vibrant and clean, raver than dull like.

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